Christ the King

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Originally delivered on November 20, 1994

Readings: Daniel 7:13-14; Revelation 1:5-8; John 18:33-37

At the end of this liturgical year, we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King.  We are reminded that Jesus is Lord and King of Kings so that everything that we do must be in harmony with Christ’s Kingdom.  Fr. Healy reminds us that any form of government, such as a monarchy, is only meant to help organize people in order to enable each individual person to live and use God’s unique gifts in a way that benefits the Kingdom.  He tells us that Jesus was very clear in today’s Gospel when he said, “My kingdom does not belong to this world.”  We must not exaggerate some over others and should look to how Jesus lived when we determine how to live today.  And yet, we live in a society where many injustices exist in governments and within the church.  We are called to work to call out those injustices to help bring us closer to God’s Kingdom.