32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Originally delivered on November 7, 1993

Readings: Wisdom 6:12-16; Thessalonians 4:13-17 or 4:13-14; Matthew 25: 1-13

In today’s Gospel, Jesus again uses the metaphor of the wedding reception. Perhaps it’s symbolic of letting go of one’s individualism to become something greater through a newness of life.  As Jesus explores this universal symbolism, he tells us that everyone is invited to the marriage with God, but some refuse in one way or another.  But for those that engage in a relationship with Christ, we are called to be of service to our sisters and brothers. On this day, we also hear from Fr. Antoine Adrien about what was happening in Haiti in 1993, their fight for freedom and justice, and his plea for our continued support as sisters and brothers in God.


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Readings: Genesis: 1:1-2.2; Genesis 22:1-18; Matthew 28:1-10

Originally delivered on April 15, 1990

We are joyful today because the Easter people know that God’s strength and triumph is greater than any death.  We will experience and taste death in countless ways, but we will persevere because of our God.  We are encouraged to see our Easter blessings even in the depths of our despair.