29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Originally delivered on October, 18. 1987

Readings: Isaiah 45:1, 4-6; Thessalonians 1:1-5; Matthew 22:15-21

In this week’s Gospel, we hear Jesus’ instructions to “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but give to God what is God’s.” We are reminded that our government is a gift from our God to construct an order of things to more effectively achieve our ultimate goal of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.  That means that we must care and love for one another. Government is a means, therefore, to that end, but the governors sometimes believe that it was God’s gift to them individually, rather than God’s gift to all His people. We are reminded that we have a responsibility to God to be responsible citizens and participate in the political system in order to care for our brothers and sisters in the spirit laid out in the Gospel.

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