25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Originally delivered on September 23, 1990

Readings: Isaiah 55: 6-9; Philippians 1:20-24, 27; Matthew 20: 1-16

In today’s Gospel, we hear the parable of the vineyard owner who gave the same pay to the workers that came late in the day as those that worked a full day.  Perhaps, like the vineyard owner, God loves each of us equally, regardless of talents, what we’ve done, or how hard we’ve worked.  God loves us all and therefore we must not be envious, but rather full of joy that the “last one” among us has “made it.” But Fr.Healy goes further in this homily.  He challenges us to look at the fact the vineyard owner paid the “usual wage” which was, in fact, a low wage, a wage that the market would bear.  We are invited today to reflect on the unjust structures, and furthermore, the practice of dividing the workers by the powerful so that the workers after each other rather than unjust structures that keep them all in poverty.

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