25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Originally delivered on September 20, 1992

Readings: Amos 8:4-7; Paul to Timothy 2:1-8; Luke 16: 1-13 or 16:10-13

In today’s homily, we hear about the danger of money and worldly possessions.  In the second reading, we hear that we should pray for those with power and authority over others, so that all may live in tranquility and dignity.  Delivered in the midst of the 1992 US election, Fr. Healy preaches that the call of the prophets and Jesus, in today’s readings, is to ensure that all people be included in the wealth and riches of the earth.  Our challenge is to make this mean something in practical terms for our own lives, as children of the Light.  Fr. Healy talks passionately about the need for caring for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. We are asked to review what we do everyday, within our parish, community, country, hemisphere, and world for we are all brothers and sisters.